Monday, July 15, 2024
Economic Development Chair Alejandro Bravo Photo: YouTube
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Net Zero report decisions, motions not yet codified in meeting minutes

Updated 10am September 23rd: Minutes are now posted. Taxi News will provide further analysis September 25th.

Taxi News will provide detailed factual information regarding the results of the September 21st, 2023 once the meeting minutes are posted. At time of this posting September 22nd, the minutes have not been uploaded to the City’s website.

The Motion posted to the Economic Development Committee website today reflects the original motion without the amendments discussed and voted upon during the meeting, which saw the sections 3-11 being referred back to staff with open-ended instructions: “until such time as the General Manager, Transportation Services and the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards report back on a comprehensive framework…”

Notice posted to the Economic Development meeting agenda page reads, “Caution: Preliminary decisions, motions, votes and rulings are shown below. Any decisions, motions, votes or rulings should not be considered final until the meeting is complete, and the City Clerk has confirmed the decisions for this meeting.”