Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Justin Trudeau dogged by protesters at Hamilton retreat, cancels Legion speaking event

Hamilton demonstrators brought a giant inflatable sheep to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on January 24th. Photo: PlebReporter

Justin Trudeau’s cabinet retreat in Hamilton, Ontario has been beseiged by protesters and demonstrators.

Canada’s federal Liberal government is holding a three-day caucus retreat in Hamilton, Ontario from January 23rd to 25th. Protesters and demonstrators have dogged the Prime Minister, shouting insults, waving flags and blowing car horns and whistles. Protests were so vigorous that Trudeau cancelled a planned speaking engagement at the Stoney Creek Legion.

The Hamilton retreat coincides with the one year anniversary of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy to Ottawa, which saw Truckers and other protesters drive across Canada to converge in Ottawa to demonstrate against COVID vaccine mandates.

“Justin Trudeau, come out and face the people! Don’t hide behind your bought off media to spread your propaganda and lies!” one man yelled through a megaphone in front of Jackson Square. “Face the people! Come on out!”

Protesters brought a large inflatable sheep festooned with a sign that read “99.8 per cent survival rate,” apparently in reference to the survival rate for COVID-19. “Fuck Trudeau” banners were in evidence, among many Canadian flags and protest signs.

On January 24, RWN contributor Hans Wienhold snapped this photo of one of many “Trudeauvilles” in at MacNab and Hunter, behind the Whitehern Manor, beside City Hall. Prime Minister Trudeau did not visit any of Hamilton’s “tent cities.”

“This Cabinet retreat will be an important opportunity to build on our continued efforts to make life more affordable for the middle class and people working hard to join it, as well as seize new opportunities for Canadian workers and businesses. In 2023, we will keep working relentlessly to build a better future and a strong economy for all Canadians,” Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada said in a press release, which notes that “At a time when Canadians are feeling the impacts of the rising cost of living, the Prime Minister and ministers will discuss ways to continue supporting people by creating good middle-class jobs, investing in skills and training, and helping deliver better health care for Canadians. They will advance the government’s work to fight climate change and build a clean economy, including continuing to drive innovation, strengthen our supply chains, and build clean technologies right here in Canada.”