Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Christine Van Geyn, Litigation Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation Photo: Twitter
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How COVID impacted democracy: let us count the ways

In writing “Pandemic Panic,” co-author Christine Van Geyn notes,” We have observed a phenomenon of the surreal, sometimes inane, often unprecedented and unusual public health measures taken over the roughly three-year pandemic period being ‘memory holed’, where the mind completely fogs over.

“Many times in the course of writing this book, we messaged one another upon unearthing one public policy absurdity upon another: the City of Toronto taping off cherry blossoms, Quebec requiring unvaccinated people to be chaperoned in plexiglass carts through the essential aisles of big-box stores.”

The video below is an excellent sample of the detail reported in “Pandemic Panic.” Road Warrior News will have a full review of the book in the weeks ahead.