Monday, February 26, 2024
Tom Marazzo's book is scheduled for release September 6, 2023.

“The People’s Emergency Act: Freedom Convoy 2022″ release in September – donate before August 11 to have your name published in it

Your name could be printed in Tom Marazzo’s new book, “The People’s Emergency Act: Freedom Convoy 2022.”

Freedom Convoy organizer Tom Marazzo’s new book is getting ready to go to print. His team has committed to print in the book a list of the names of the donors making the print edition possible; there is still time to have your name included in the book.

“We’re planning to print a list of donors in the book,” Marazzo says.  “If you’d like to see your name in print and have not donated as yet, you still have until Friday, August 11th. We would be most grateful for your contribution. There’s a ‘donate button’ on the website.”

The fundraising campaign will be shut down at 6pm EST on Friday, August 11.  (If you have already donated and didn’t receive and email please check your spam folder. No one’s name will be printed without their emailed permission.)

“We are offering huge thanks to every one who donated to making this dream a reality.  I’m humbled by your generosity,” Marazzo says.

After serving in the Canadian Armed Forces for 25 years, Tom Marazzo retired from the military in 2015. He was teaching at a community college in Ontario in September 2021, when he was fired for questioning the legality of vaccine mandates.

Describing his decision to support and assist the Freedom Convoy, Marazzo explains, “When I first heard about the Freedom Convoy, I knew it was going to be a game-changer for Canadians. I just didn’t know that I would have anything to do with it, but when asked I also found myself heading to Ottawa and into a more chaotic role than I would have believed possible. Convoy organizers needed input on organization and logistics and because I trained in battle planning over many years as an officer in the Canadian Army, I was more than happy to answer the call.”

“My life has changed forever because of the Freedom Convoy. Despite the unprecedented challenges the Covid-19 pandemic imposed on our lives, I never anticipated I would have found myself at the centre of so much turmoil in our nation’s history. My book is an insider story: my account of life events leading up to, during, and after the Freedom Convoy. It’s about my personal experience, and right or wrong, how I influenced the decisions we made during the People’s Emergency Act.”

The People’s Emergency Act: Freedom Convoy 2022 is scheduled to launch early in September and will be available on Amazon in Hardcover format. A pre-order date will be announced in late August.