Thursday, June 20, 2024

Transport trucker, police both block traffic for Peterburgers peaceful protest

Photo: Jim Kerr

Click here to view video of the event:

A transport truck and local police both helped stop traffic for an anti-discrimination, anti-vaccine passport protest at Peterburgers restaurant in Peterborough on Saturday, November 27th.

Peterburgers, located at 25 George Street North, has been served with a cease and desist order by Peterborough Public Health for refusing to demand customers show Ontario’s Vaccine Passport in order to eat in the restaurant. Owners Roy Allen and Nicole Comber maintain they simply want to sell burgers, not enforce identification mandates or discriminate against customers.

Guest speakers included Soviet immigrant Vladislav Sobolev and Canada’s Rob Primo.

“You are at the perfect place at the perfect time. Have confidence and conviction that you are on the right side of history,” Sobolev told the crowd. “What we are all experiencing is unprecedented: even we cannot see how deep we are in this situation. My son is 5 and half years old, and his childhood in Canada has been worse than mine was under Communism in the Soviet Union. Kids are being completely brainwashed. Covidism is the new religion.”

Sobolev led the crowd in chants of “We will not comply.”

“We will make sure this country stays glorious and free, the way it was supposed to be,” he said.

Speaker Rob Primo made special efforts to thank police officers who were present but did not disrupt the protest. “Thank you for doing the right thing, and protecting us. We know you are in a difficult spot,” Primo noted.

“We are going to continue to fight for what’s right,” says owner Allen.