Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Kristen Nagle of Canada's Frontline Nurses is the first guest on Tom Marazzo's new podcast.

Tom Marazzo launches podcast today

Tom Marazzo, former member of the Canadian Armed Forces and key supporter of the Freedom Convoy in 2022, is launching his own podcast today. His first guest is Kristen Nagle of Canada’s Frontline Nurses.

“In January 2022, Canadians put our livelihoods on the line and trucked across our country in the bitter cold, to uphold the Rights and Freedoms of ALL Canadians, because of unreasonable mandates being imposed by our Federal and Provincial governments. Mandates that violate: The Constitution of Canada, Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, The Privacy Act, The Nuremberg Code, and multiple others,” Marazzo writes.

“Millions of Canadians saw what was happening to humanity and were not going down without a fight, so three weeks before Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act of 1988 on legal and peaceful protesters in Ottawa – we, the citizens of Canada stood up in an emergency act of our own, holding the line in solidarity against the tyranny being imposed on us.”

Marazzo testified at the Public Order Emergency Commission on November 2nd, 2022. His video testimony and transcript are available here.

Freedom Convoy organizer Tom Marazzo is writing a book about the convoy and its aftermath. Image: tommarazzo.ca

Tom Marazzo has been dedicated to serving Canadians since 1990 when he joined the Army Reserve, while still in high school. Eight years later, he enrolled in the Regular Force Army and was granted the commission of Combat Engineer Officer, soon rising to Captain. After 25 years of service, Tom retired from the Armed Forces in 2015. He completed a 4-year Bachelor of Technology Software Development degree and immediately began teaching at a Community College in Ontario until September 2021, when he was fired for questioning the legality of vaccine mandates, via a campus-wide email to the president and members of the college faculty.

Determined to stand for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, Tom became a volunteer of the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022. Trained in battle planning over many years, Tom’s tactical and strategic advice was instrumental to the safe and responsible achievement of Convoy objectives. His experience was integral to the coordination of truck movements and logistics, as well as negotiations with Police Liaison Teams from the city of Ottawa. A member of the leadership team, Tom acted as the main spokesperson, holding press conferences almost daily. The incredible success of the Convoy can be measured by the mandates removed in the province of Ontario.    

Tom’s unwavering commitment to Canadians is the reason he’s writing a highly person and detailed account of his life experiences leading up to, during and in the after math of the Freedom Convoy.