Friday, July 19, 2024
On the Road with Mike Murchison

Time to decompress

Photo: “Some roads you walk alone” by Mike Murchison

So, I went for my late-night walk. It’s habit I have gotten into this last year. Some nights after pounding the white line, I’m too beat to walk; but most nights I make myself do it.

It’s my own time to unwind, after the engine is shut down and the bump and grind stop.

“Decompress,” I like to call it.

I’ve walked in many places. Big cities. Rough neighbourhoods and on grid roads out in the middle of nowhere. I’m grateful to be able to do that. It reminds me that my maker isn’t finished with me; I am like many an ongoing construction project that has yet to have a completion date.

That’s okay. I’m sure we all want to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

I walk these nights not so much for improved health or to burn calories. Hell, I’ve long given up on ever wearing a Speedo (pass the chips) but to process my thoughts, ideas. To crack open that door in my mind that stores the gratitude, humility and “Remember to Give a Damn” files.

When the blood starts pumping, you’d be surprised what doors will open in your mind: self worth, dignity, hope and yes, a bit of prideful bragging rights.

I find more and more the late-night walks are a time to converse with my Maker. About big things, little things and to remind myself that the good work which was started in me will be finished. And in my eyes, it’s worth the effort each night to take that walk.