Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Photo: "Around the Bay" by Mike Murchison
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This is God’s country

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’ve travelled from one end of this country to the other and talked to many people from many walks of life, countries, ethic, and cultural backgrounds.

Rich, poor, middle class and those on the fringe of whatever edge they’re on. And one thing I I’ve learned is this: this is God’s Country.

Jammin’ gears, serving fries, diggin’ ditches. Whether folks are inputting numbers, selling products, or studying in the halls of our institutes of learning. 

Even if they are serving in our hallowed halls of government.  One thing I’ve learned is that this God’s country.

When you experience the change in geography from the West Coast to the East Coast. From the Southern Prairies to the Yukon. From the Northern regions that encompass the Great Lakes. And you do it in the time frame of only a few days. You begin to see how this is God’s country.

When you talk to people who have immigrated from far off lands in search of a better life. A better future for their children. People who have come from war tore countries with only the shirt on their back wanting only to have a chance. A chance to try and make a go of it. You begin to see that this is God’s country.

When you work along side people who put in long hours and do their best. People who are down to earth and have more in common than not. People like you who wake up early, fight traffic, pay taxes and raise their family. You begin to see that this is God’s country.

When you look at your children, grandchildren, even your parents. Their smiles, tears, victories, and losses. Share their hopes and dreams. You begin to see that this is God’s country.

When you live in a country where regardless of your faith, you are free to believe and practice that faith: Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, First Nations. Whatever it may be. You are free to partake in whatever faith you choose. And when you have the freedom to disagree, then you begin to see why this is God’s country.

Photo “Big Country” by Mike Murchison

From my side of the windshield, it is that “Creator” who has placed us here in this time, place and yes, this country. We as citizens of this country have a job to do. To bring out the best in ourselves so we can bring out the bests in others. Through, kindness, charity, community, family and by just simply trying each day we are given another sunrise.

When you look from that perspective then you get to see why this is God’s country.

From Sea to Sea to Sea, I’m sure we all can agree that this country is a special place in the world. A place that people elsewhere look at as a place to start over. A place that yes can be very cold but is filled with warm hearted, genuine people who try with every sunrise to be the best they can be to better others.

Regardless of your faith, these things I’ve mentioned from the geography to the compassion and kindness of people are very much the very essence of Creator. And when you begin to look at it through that lens you can begin to understand why I say that this IS God’s Country.

  I’ve often said that “This is God’s Country”….believe it or not.