Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Road safety responses

Photo: “Gone to the Dogs” Mike Murchison

Below are some of the responses RWN received in response to the March 10th “Commercial Driver Safety Improvement Proposal” submitted by Truckers for Safer Highways.

National standard

Since truckers cross many borders, only a uniform license should be recognized.

Graduated licensing

“I feel it should be a graduated licensing at least five years in a smaller type commercial vehicle such as a dump truck with no infraction or convictions before moving on to the tractor trailers, just my thought.”

“I am wondering why their isn’t a graduated licensing system for truck drivers? Our government needs to make the roads we share safer!”

From a motorcoach driver

“As a motorcoach driver it can be terrifying on the road with the inexperience truck drivers. I have had many situations with these drivers on the roads in northern Ontario with passengers on my bus. As a driver I am responsible for all the lives I carry, it has become harder and more stressful to do my job when these truck drivers are not following the rules and making the roads unsafe.”