Monday, July 15, 2024
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Drivers demand accountability from Uber, governments, unions and policy makers after latest scandal

“I am not shocked at what has been revealed by the Uber Files. I experienced that everyday so why would I be surprised?” said Ejaz Butts, General Secretary of The International Alliance of App-based Transport Workers (IAAWT).

“If there is anything I feel on reading all the details it is simply that I am also now appalled by the number of people who participated and continued to participate in this criminal violation of the rights of workers and ordinary people.”

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Dutch-Canadians warn Farmers about nitrogen control measures, government over reach

Road Warrior News has polled Dutch-Canadian citizens and Farmers about the protests currently underway in Europe and found they are shocked and surprised current events in the Netherlands. Dutch Farmers have used their tractors to blockade highways and the airport, and one photo indicates they even towed away the Prime Minister’s private jet.

As they have since the earliest days of the protests, which have now spread to nations including Italy and Poland, the Dutch Farmers point to the Canadian Freedom Convoy as their inspiration.

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The Uber Files: what do they mean? Do they mean anything at all?

Today, Monday July 11, 2022, the Taxi/Ridesharing world is abuzz with information and comment on “The Uber Files,” published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

I am reading as fast as I can, and have received phone calls from numerous associates who have various interests in the files. Taxi, Ridesharing, Insurance, Finance, Government Relations, Lobbying, Media – everyone who has watched the Taxi/Uber scenario play out for a decade has an opinion on what the Uber Files mean for business and politics.

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Elvis: it’s worth the money to see it in theatre

The movie is fast paced, spanning the life, milestones, stresses, joys and heartbreaks of the most famous entertainer to walk the earth.

The story for the most part was accurate, down to the details of the wardrobe, which was expected, having the technical assistance of many of the people who served with Elvis on this “rocket to eternity.”

The portrayal of Colonel Tom Parker by Tom Hanks is nothing short of brilliant, and it left me with the idea that I had just witnessed, as a fly on the wall would have witnessed, what went down in some very critical periods during the relationship of Parker and Presley.

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Toronto suspends DRVRhub online training pending audit, investigation of complaints

Toronto has suspended the completely online DRVRhub training option from its list of approved Vehicle for Hire (VFH) training organizations.

Licensing and Standards has announced it will investigate complaints the program was too easy to pass, with too much potential for cheating.

A statement provided to Taxi News on July 8th reads, “Please note, the City has temporarily suspended the driver training program offered by DRVRHub, after performing an audit and identifying a number of concerns that threaten the integrity of the program. The program is currently being investigated. Please do not register for the DRVRHub driver training program as the City will no longer accept drivers who complete this program, until the training provider has addressed all concerns.”

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New Zealand judgment on Uber will resonate worldwide, lawyer says

Uber’s relationship with its 6000-or so New Zealand drivers is one of servility, intense control and oppressive provisions, the court heard in final submissions in a major case seeking to have drivers declared employees of the global rideshare company.

The company’s claims that it had no control over drivers were “fictional”, Chief Judge Christina Inglis heard last week. The idea that it was merely a facilitator and match-maker for drivers and passengers was “bogus”. Its written terms of engagement with drivers were “difficult and obscure” even for experienced lawyers; indeed, the company’s own witnesses in the case didn’t appear to understand the terms, said lawyer Peter Cranney, appearing for First Union and E tū, the plaintiffs in the case.

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Politicians are standing in the way of affordable energy

But we also have any number of other policies and legislation implemented and supported by the federal government to discourage or prevent exploration and development of Canada’s abundant oil and gas resources. These are resources that, if exploited properly, would make energy in Canada more affordable for all. The Trudeau/Singh cabal don’t want them exploited though. They want them locked in the ground. 

The surest way for them to do that is to make it nearly impossible to build pipelines: the lack of new pipeline infrastructure in Canada means we can’t move more oil and gas – either within Canada, to the US, or to our coasts to go abroad.  Existing pipes are full, so producers can’t produce more to put in them. But the market wants more product.

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