Proposed ELOG amendments for carriers operating ONLY in Ontario – comment online until July 12

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has announced that it proposes to amend Ontario’s Hours of Service Regulation 555/06 under the Highway Traffic Act (ON) to implement a mandatory requirement for motor carriers who only operate in Ontario to start using electronic logging devices (ELD). The implementation of this new mandate would be no sooner than June 12, 2022. The MTO previously conducted a survey on the issue in December 2020, which found that the majority of carriers believed that there are benefits to using ELDs.

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Concrete questions need to be asked after Florida building collapse

The thing that was unique about this building was that sometimes when I pulled the trigger, the piston would blow right through the box and into the ceiling, and a cloud of concrete dust would fall back in my face. I had hit a hollow spot in the concrete. This happened often.

In order to get the boxes to attach to the ceiling, in this case, I would have to move the box to a different location and try again, hopefully finding a spot where…

there was actually some solid concrete.

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Film thanking Calgary Taxi drivers becomes international film festival finalist

“In the middle of COVID, in the middle of winter, Calgary was almost empty,” says award-winning artist Lanre Ajayi, “but any time I went out, I saw Taxis. Taxis everywhere – sometimes, the only vehicles on the road.

“People were thanking doctors, nurses, essential workers and I thought, ‘Who is thanking the Taxi drivers?’”

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After losing at Supreme Court of Canada, Uber Canada moves to Canada from the Netherlands

As a result of losing its case before the Supreme Court of Canada in March of 2021, Uber Canada has decided to move its Canadian head office to Canada from the Netherlands, where it has been located for years as part of a complicated web of entities and transactions which have allowed it to avoid taxes and lawsuits. 

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