Monday, July 15, 2024
Guest ContributionsOn the Road with Mike Murchison

On Labour Day, thank you for your labours

I watched an elderly fellow hobble across the parking lot to his truck. Curious about his trailer, I walked over and asked how much he could pack into that wagon.

The fellow stopped. “I can do 100,000 pounds,” he said. “I just spent 6 hours unloading.”

“Even using the vibrators?” I asked.

‘Yup. Took that long. Stuff is wet,” he said.

He was bent. His eyes had seen years of hard work. Surely , was pushing his late 60’s.

We chatted a bit longer; for a few minutes, my aches pains and broken bones didn’t seem to hurt as much.

Everyday, he was working. Hauling some of the most difficult agricultural products to unload.

My point? No point. Just a moment of respect for someone who surely had earned it.