Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Image: National Citizens' Inquiry

National Citizens’ Inquiry live link to Saskatoon April 21

Saskatoon – The National Citizens Inquiry continues in Saskatoon on Friday, April 21, the second of three days of hearings. This is the fourth stop after Truro, Toronto and Winnipeg where Canadians such as doctors, morticians, lawyers, journalists and other individuals have been testifying about the negative effects of the government measures in response to COVID-19.

In Saskatoon the Inquiry is hearing from people affected by mask mandates, vaccine mandates and business closures.

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In Winnipeg CBC News covered the event where local Manitobans came out to testify about their personal experiences.

This week at the NCI, residents will hear about how the pandemic response affected life in Saskatchewan. Expert witnesses include:

• Dr. Francis Christian- Surgeon
• Ryan Orydzuk- Occupational Health and Safety Expert
• James Kitchen – Canadian litigation lawyer
• Steve Kirsch – Entrepreneur and Covid researcher
• Ann McCormack – Retired Pharmacist
• Maria Gutschi – Academic Pharmacist and researcher
• Leighton Grey – Litigation lawyer
• Professor Magda Havas – Environmental toxicologist
• Dr. Chris Flowers – Radiologist and Covid expert

The Saskatoon hearings, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time, will be broadcast live on the NCI website https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/nci-live/ and on the NCI Rumble Channel

“Along with hearing from surgeons, pharmacists, and litigation lawyers, we anticipate hearing stories from everyday Canadians who suffered under strict and unscientific Covid-19 policies. Please be sure to tune in from April 20-22 on the NCI website,” NCI wrote in an April 20 email.

Winnipeg testimony, along with an array of other witnesses, can be accessed via the NCI website.