Tuesday, April 16, 2024
On the Road with Mike MurchisonTrucking

Mike is on a roll

Editor’s Note: Mike Murchison’s writings and photos have been the bedrock of Road Warrior News since we started publishing in 2021. A professional Truck driver living in Alberta who has spent decades driving around the western United States and Canada, Mike pauses to appreciate vast landscapes as well as the smallest details of the industry.

As an editor, I am always particularly impressed with the quick wit he demonstrates when captures the essence of an image in two or three plain, short words. The wry captions are at least as much fun as the photos.

For a week or so in mid-July 2023, Mike really been on a roll with words and pictures. Enjoy!


“The Guardian”
“Torque Converters”
“Full bloom”
“When I was Young”
“Grow and Flow”
“A Chosen Path”
“Power Trip”
“Row, row, row”
“Stem Cell”
“At the End of the Day”