Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Freedom Convoy participants spoke at a press conference in Ottawa on February 16th to observe the second anniversary of the Convoy. Image: CPAC
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Freedom Convoy supporters’ press conference in Ottawa

“Secrets in a government are repugnant”

Freedom Convoy representatives Derek Noonan and Chris Dacey held a news conference on Parliament Hill to comment on the recent Federal Court ruling on the government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, and to discuss the future of their movement.

Justice Mosey’s recent decision that use of the Emergencies Act was illegal and unjustified is “a hollow victory,” Noonan said, “because Canada changed on the day it was invoked.”

“Our government is waging war on the citizen’s of this country,” he said. “These events are not celebrations, but remembrances of what happened on February 17th, 2022…we are in a very difficult time here in Canada right now. Good governance and ethics have left this government.”

Chris Dacey, an Ottawa resident who visited the original Convoy, said that the remembrance was designed to be fun and well-organized, “to remember the hope and love that came with the Convoy.”