Friday, June 21, 2024
RWN is grateful to contributors like Patriot Smoothie and The Democracy Fund, which have given permission for us to share their court coverage in the absence of any livestream for the Barber/Lich Trial.

Day #9 of Barber/Lich trial: “We got through one whole witness! We’re gonna be here until February….”

Patriot Smoothie’s final Day #9 update on the Barber/Lich trial slipped into an almost slap-happy tone as he described in euphoric terms the court’s accomplishment in completing testimony from one whole witness.

“What is the prosecution doing, playing video after video which don’t even help their case?” he questioned. “Well, today we started and finished ONE WHOLE WITNESS, which means, with 22 witnesses…we’re still gonna be here in February.”

He notes that the videos being shown so far have only confirmed that Barber and Lich are decent, peaceful people.

Click on the video below to view the whole Day #9 update.