Thursday, June 20, 2024
On the Road with Mike Murchison

Celebrating American Independence Day

amber waves of grain mike
Amber waves of grain
Mike 'over under over'
Over under over
Mike 'Options'
july1 to infinity and beyond
To infinity, and beyond....
land of a thousand lakes mike
Land of a thousand lakes
wide open mike
Wide open
puddles mike
God gave Wyoming to the Wind mike
God gave Wyoming to the wind
down for the count mike
Down for the count
july 1 contraption
july 1 under new management
Under New Management
july 1 toward the light
Toward the light
july 1 by the hour
By the hour
A long line at Customs
july1 gratitude
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Alberta trucker Mike Murchison is a true Road Warrior – as he has just returned home from a long trip through the United States, RWN celebrates today with a gallery of his images from the road.

Wishing all Americans safe, happy, Independence Day celebrations! Thanks for inventing Constitutional Democracy. The rest of the world appreciates it, especially Canada.