Monday, July 15, 2024
Guest ContributionsOn the Road with Mike Murchison

Away from home, avoiding trouble

Photo: “Loneliness sets in” Mike Murchison

What to do when away from home?

A lot of us out here are away often, far from the comforts of our homes and our famililes. Out in the mountains, on the prairies and the coasts. In small towns and big cities. Often feeling safe; sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

I guess what one does out here away from home could depend on their character. What they value. What they consider constructive…or destructive.

Most spend the time alone, catching up on rest, reading, meditating, exercising…or just plain vegging out.

There is, and always has been, the open invitation go get into trouble. It lies there in waiting, just around the corner for the unsuspecting Driver away from home.

We’ve all been tempted in some way, whatever the vice may be. And yes, we somehow muster the strength to say “No,” and walk away.

I often think of “character” as “how you conduct yourself when you’re not being watched;” when you could take the shortcut, but choose not to.

There are more good people out there away from home than not so good, and that is a reassuring thing.

When you seek the good in people regardless who they are, where they came from or what they look like, then surely you will witness the good.

After all, in some way we are all away from home, just trying to get back.

Roll Easy

Photo: “Away from Home” Mike Murchison