Rideshare firms win right to ignore minimum wage, overtime, worker compensation laws in US

Uber Technologies shares are expected to head higher this week after a US court allowed it and other ride-sharing and deliver app companies like Lyft, DoorDash and Grubhub to treat their workers as independent contractors rather than employees, reports Oliver Haill of financial site Proactive.

Despite many worker groups opposing the measure for denying them nearly all employee rights, including sick leave, a Californian district court of appeal ruled that the labour proposal known as Proposition 22 was largely constitutional, Haill wrote on March 13th.  This overturned a decision by another California court last year that the initiative violated the state’s constitution.

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Ontario approves plan for road to Ring of Fire

The Ontario government has approved the Terms of Reference designed and submitted by Webequie First Nation and Marten Falls First Nation for an all-season, multi-use road connecting to the proposed Ring of Fire mining development area.

Webequie First Nation and Marten Falls First Nation are each leading their own community road Environmental Assessments and are working together on the Environmental Assessment for the Northern Road Link.

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