Monday, May 27, 2024
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UberEats delivery robots controlled “from the comfort of home”

Photo: Jennifer Bell

How much does Uber want to eliminate its drivers?

Even UberEats, the only division of Uber that’s ever gotten close to making a profit, is testing out delivery robots: Geoffrey the Delivery Robot has apparently been launched and was spotted on the streets of Toronto on June 22nd.

According to the “Tiny Mile” website, Tiny Mile is a start-up based in Toronto now offering food delivery through UberEats.

This technology eliminates the need for a vehicle driver as “Geoffrey is driven using the help of remote pilots who control it from the comfort of their homes using a gaming console controller. Pilots then rely on the cameras and GPS systems built into Geoffrey to navigate the busy streets of downtown Toronto. Geoffrey can deliver within a 2 km radius of the restaurant.”

Tiny Miles’ website indicates that the lid is locked to ensure “cargo is kept safe.” It drives on sidewalks and moves at walking/jogging speed.

Tiny Mile notes that Geoffrey uses gender-neutral pronouns (“they” and “them”). It does not make any mention of whether Geoffrey will have snow tires in winter to manage Toronto’s legendary snow banks and slush puddles.