Monday, July 15, 2024
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City of Ottawa presents its closing argument in Taxi trial November 29; Zoom link here

Final arguments in the Ottawa Taxi trial, Metro Taxi vs the City of Ottawa, will resume at 10am November 29th as counsel for the City of Ottawa continues to present its case. Today is the last scheduled day of hearings.

Court proceedings are available to view on Zoom. Members of the public can attend proceedings in Court Room 30 of the Ottawa Court Building.

Access the proceedings by clicking the button, below. Microphones will be silent before proceedings start; during breaks; and during the lunch hour. Breaks often occur without pre-scheduling at an opportune time during proceedings; if you can see the courtroom but do not hear anything, wait a short while for proceedings to resume.

If the Zoom address is changed during the proceedings for any reason, Taxi News will provide the new link at the button below.