Tuesday, May 28, 2024
At a time when Canadians needed vision and capability, they got bullying and gaslighting, Beaudry told the NCI. Image: NCI

NCI is “The best thing since the Convoy”

“Suspension of Charter Rights eliminated the requirement for critical thinking” Alberta engineer Dean Beaudry told Commissioners
“This isn’t that unusual a situation. You encounter this in high stakes business all the time
….there were a lot of things that I feel went wrong.
When you put in mitigations and you don’t assess their impact or where they land on the risk matrix,

that’s a big problem.
When you have dissenting opinions, and they’re they’re qualified people, and you don’t bring them in, that’s wrong.
You know, there were so many things that went wrong.

Either the level of competency is really, really, unbelievably low,
Or what’s going on is intentionally trying to mess up our economy.
It’s hard to believe that competency could be that low. It’s this isn’t this isn’t that hard.

And there’s lots of expertise, we have lots of expertise in Canada.
We are a brilliant nation… Based on 30 years of experience, I can’t explain how anyone can possibly do it this wrong.

I have no explanation.
I would say, when we get to be a nation that doesn’t protect our children, it sickens me. It it’s just unbelievable.”

–Engineer and Risk Assessment professional Dean Beaudry’s closing statement at the April 26th National Citizen’s Inquiry.


Canada’s COVID response was not based on any kind of science, Risk Assessment professional Dean Beaudry told the National Citizens’ Inquiry on April 26.

“I cannot imagine how we could have done a worse job,” Beaudry noted in astonishment at one point.

Alberta engineer Dean Beaudry, BSc., MSc., P.Eng. spent his entire career assessing and mitigating workplace risks. His presentation, “Quality Decisions in High Stakes Situations” was a professional’s opinion on how the risks associated with COVID-19 could have and should have been handled; he was shocked that Canada’s public health managers deviated from every accepted norm in the field of Risk Assessment.

“Nothing we did was based on science,” he stated ruefully at one point.

One of Dean Beaudry’s “Root Cause Analysis” charts assessing Canada’s COVID response, which was not based on science, he told the NCI. Image: NCI

In exploring the root causes of the COVID situation, Beaudry noted, “One of the roots was unchecked and inadequate governance action…there was a suspension of Charter rights, and that provided the authority for general lowering of ethical and privacy standards, the course of vaccination requirements, vaccines, passports, travel restrictions, lockdowns…all the the bad things that happened. But it also eliminated the requirement for critical thinking and difficult decisions.”

While his dismay at Canada’s COVID response appears profound and incredulous, Beaudry seemed pleasantly surprised at the information which was being presented at the National Citizen’s Inquiry.

“This Inquiry is the best thing since the Convoy,” he told Commissioners.

Dean Beaudry's Top Ten Painful COVID Observations

Although Dean Beaudry was calm and soft-spoken in his presentation, 
he provided Commissioners with a relentless stream of painful professional observations: 

"Nothing we did was based on science."

"Fear was used to drive compliance." 

"There was some naivete....also, the government has a lot of influence on on media."

"Based on 30 years of experience, I can't explain how anyone can possibly do it this wrong."

"Health Canada states that the benefits of all COVID vaccines continue to outweigh the risks of the disease. 
Well, what about the risk of vaccine injury?...I don't know what risk matrix they're using."

"10 countries didn't have a pandemic...compared to G7 countries they did between one and 200 times better. 
I heard someone say earlier, 'We're not a third world country.' I kind of wish we were a third world country."

"Suspension of Charter Rights eliminated the requirement for critical thinking." 

"We added half a trillion dollars in debt and added no I.C.U. capacity."

"Canada has waned. We are not quite the nation we used to be." 

"When we get to be a nation that doesn't protect our children, it sickens me."

Road Warrior News plans to post additional Dean Beaudry video clips as time permits. The National Citizens’ Inquiry posts extensive video testimonials here.