Friday, July 19, 2024
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Ice road trucker reviews “Ice Road,” the movie

Photo: Netflix

by Jeff Childs

So I’m chilling out, surfing Netflix, and I find “Ice Road” staring Liam Neeson.

Over all, not a bad movie. Typical Liam adventure action flick.

Mind you, with over a decade of driving the Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territory, Yukon and Alaskan ice roads and oil patches (and after 16 years of long haul) I found “Ice Road” had too much “Hollywood” for me to watch at times.

Ice Road Truckers, hell, I trucked with most of them up there long before the cameras started rolling.

You really gotta suspend your beliefs with regards to just about every “driving on the ice” sequence with this movie.

About the only thing that is 100-per-cent, dead on point is that yeah, lot of us “old timers” up there did and do use dash bobble head/hula dancers. They are more of a tradition but also a great visual reminder of your speed:

“If it’s dancin’ on glass, get ready for a wet ass.”

I’m not gonna pick it apart sequence by sequence, but I will tell ya this: bobtailing up on those roads IS a license to play.

We call it “bobsledding” for a reason…Toretto, eat your heart out! Sure, you can drift a ’71 Plymouth…. try it in a tri-drive Pete! Or better yet, hauling an empty tank.

Much like any of the “Truck” movies over the years (White Line Fever, Convoy, Over the Top, Black Dog) “Ice Road” is a good movie, but it’s hard to not criticize in your mind while watching and think “WTF gave technical advice on the set of this movie??”

Shake your head, and keep munching popcorn.

Be safe out there, drivers.

Have a happy day.