Thursday, June 20, 2024

Egg Salad Sandwich top seller at Port Hope ONRoute’s new ONMarket

M&M frozen foods, milk and pantry staples like tuna, ketchup and salad dressing are included in the expanded retail selection at ONRoute’s ONMarket. Photo: RWN

Beginning September 23rd, ONroute’s 23 plazas are expanding the ONmarket retail space to offer one-stop shopping for groceries, household supplies, travel necessities and novelties.

ONmarket selections now include dry foods, with pantry staples such as soup, tuna, ketchup, sugar, salad dressing, cereal, tea and coffee, as well as household supplies such as cleaners, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, cutlery and disposable dining ware.

Refrigerated goods are also available including butter, eggs, milk, cream cheese, and hummus.

Additionally, ONroute has partnered with M&M Food Market for a selection of frozen foods, including burgers, wings, shrimp, mozzarella sticks and shepherd’s pie. (Freezer foods will not be available at the Morrisburg, Trenton North and Bainsville locations). Microwavable meals in individual serving sizes will also be available.

Road Warrior News popped into the Port Hope ONMarket mid-day last week to find staff restocking the “cart” in a surprisingly busy plaza. Asked what the top selling item has been, Bobby answered “The egg salad sandwich!” without hesitation, while filling the empty shelf with new products.

ONMarket is working hard to keep enough egg salad sandwiches on the shelf. Photo: RWN

“Whether you forgot to pack something or prefer to make just one stop for all your supplies, ONmarket is fast and convenient,” says Melanie Teed-Much, Chief Executive Officer of ONroute. “It is much more than a corner store, offering a wide range of everyday and specialty items.”

ONmarket is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week at all 23 ONroute plazas.

In addition to groceries, ONmarket also offers apparel, masks and sanitizer, third-party gift cards and seasonal items such as beach toys and holiday chocolates.

“ONmarket lets travellers optimize their time,” says Teed-Murch. “When they stop to refuel, stretch and grab a meal, ONmarket is there to help them stock up before they get back on the road.”

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