Monday, October 2, 2023

Road Safety Discussion

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‘Vision Zero’ — can we ever achieve a world without road fatalities?

It seems that Vision Zero — as with many things — could be pulling innovators towards complex ideas that attempt to achieve the end goal in one key step. While big ideas have great value, we are all sometimes guilty of overlooking the more prosaic aspects of a problem — and a more simple idea may be the one to push us much closer to Vision Zero.

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40 per cent increase in accidents, “fake” driving schools: could there be a connection?

A 40 per cent increase in accidents and fake driving schools: could there be a connection?

During July’s “Operation Safe Driver” week, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) shared an alarming graphic indicating that collisions involving commercial vehicles have increased by 40 per cent over this time last year.

“The collisions account for 22 per cent of OPP-investigated fatal roadway collisions and mark a 40 percent increase in transport truck-involved crashes over this time last year. Twenty-nine (29) of the collisions were fatal, resulting in 40 people being killed,” the accompanying OPP media release indicates. It cites careless and aggressive driving as the causes or contributing factors in the majority of the 4,274 collisions that have involved a large commercial motor vehicle this year.

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Mulroney returns as Ontario’s Transportation Minister, Bethlenfalvy returns to Finance

The Honourable Caroline Mulroney has been returned to her position as Minister of Transportation and Minister of Francophone Affairs.

On June 24th, Ontario Premier Doug Ford unveiled his new cabinet with the team tasked with deliver government’s ambitious agenda to build the infrastructure including highways, transit and the road to the Ring of Fire.

With the Honourable Peter Bethlenfalvy returning as Finance Minister, this means that transportation industry members hoping for government to adopt new policies around highway safety and vehicle insurance will continue working the same ministers as before the June 2nd election.

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