Friday, June 21, 2024

Canada seeking input from business, industry on improvements to regulatory barriers


The information below has been provided by Canada’s Regulatory Affairs Secretariat:

“The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Regulatory Affairs Sector is seeking input from Canadian organizations and individuals on ways to improve Canada’s regulatory system. We are piloting an online interactive engagement platform Let’s Talk Federal Regulations to help gather input on several additional topics over the coming months (e.g., informing targeted regulatory reviews, assessing needs regarding public reporting and educational materials).

Breaking down inter-jurisdictional regulatory barriers

The first topic that we are seeking input on supports the Government of Canada’s work with domestic and international governments to reduce regulatory barriers to trade and competitiveness. 

We are seeking input on:

  • Opportunities to align and cooperate on regulations with other governments and regulatory barriers impeding trade such as unnecessary regulatory differences, divergent standards, duplicative product testing or approval processes, overlapping inspection, or certification procedures across jurisdictions.
  • New challenges or opportunities for regulatory alignment and cooperation to respond to changing issues, technologies and needs as we look towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Potential future workplan items to inform Canada’s position on the regulatory cooperation tables.

Who should participate

We are seeking input from:

  • Businesses
  • Industry associations
  • Non-profit organizations (such as patient and consumer organizations)
  • Academics
  • Other organizations or individuals impacted by Canada’s regulatory system

How to participate

Visit Let’s Talk Federal Regulations ( to provide your comments by June 27, 2022.

How your input will be used

Input received will help inform Canada’s participation on regulatory cooperation tables and the development of future workplan items. The tables that will be supported include:

  • Canadian Free Trade Agreement Regulatory Reconciliation and Cooperation Table (RCT)
  • Canada-United States Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC)
  • Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF)
  • Agile Nations Regulatory Cooperation Network (consisting of Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Singapore, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates)

Your participation in this pilot will also help us to continue to test new digital approaches to gathering stakeholder input, finding ways to address consultation fatigue by staggering engagement on several topics over time and consolidating opportunities for input on different regulatory system issues in a single place.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Regulatory Affairs Sector at [email protected]


Regulatory Cooperation and Engagement Division

Regulatory Affairs Sector

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Email: [email protected]