Monday, July 15, 2024
Map: Government of Canada

34 EV charging stations for 7 vehicles in Arctic Canada

First jurisdiction to achieve 100 per cent capacity target

Canada’s Department of Natural Resources reports that Arctic Canada now has a total 34 public charging stations for seven electric vehicles, writes Blacklock’s Reporter on June 17th.

“Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut combined are the first region to achieve 100 percent charging capacity,” notes the Ottawa-focused news agency.

The three territories combined are 3.9 million square kilometres, six times the size of France. The department did not indicate where the 34 charging stations are located or who is driving electric cars in the region.

“There are currently 34 public electric vehicle chargers in the territories to service the seven electric vehicles representing a ratio of less than one electric vehicle to charger,” wrote the department. “This indicates the number of public chargers have available have capacity to support electric vehicle adaptation for local travel. Furthermore chargers are found in the same areas as the battery electric vehicles except for Nunavut, where all the cars are plug-in hybrid cars.”

The Department of Environment in a 2023 Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement calculated federal agencies spent $680 million to subsidize the introduction of charging stations. Cost of the electric car program overall totaled at least $99 billion excluding direct subsidies to manufacturers, Blacklock’s notes.