Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Natural Resources seeks Trucking emissions consultant

The Department of Natural Resources is hiring consultants for advice on cutting greenhouse gas emissions by Canada’s trucking industry, reports Blacklock’s Reporter on May 8th. Data confirming a continued rise in emissions in the Trucking industry is apparently behind the program.

“The project aims to understand and reduce the environmental impact of Canada’s vehicle fleets,” the department wrote in a contractors’ notice, writes Blacklock’s. “By engaging with fleet managers the study will identify the types of vehicles on the road, the technologies they use to save fuel and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions.”

“The focus is on retrofitting existing vehicles to be more environmentally friendly,” said the notice Environmental Impact Of Canada’s Vehicle Fleets. “The study will analyze data from a government program that encourages such retrofits. The goal is to create a comprehensive report helping Canada meeting its emission reduction targets.”

No budget was disclosed for the year-long contract. The department in 2022 launched a Green Freight Program offering 50 percent grants to a maximum $250,000 to refit diesel trucks to improve fuel efficiency.

“While purchase incentives are helping to address the upfront costs of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles, more work is required to adapt Canada’s regulations so that these vehicles can be quickly and safely used.

“To that end, we’ve launched the $75.8 million Zero-Emission Trucking Program to help accelerate the safe deployment of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles on Canadian roads. Program funding will support safety testing, collaboration with provinces and territories development and modernization of guidelines, codes and standards, establishing trucking testbeds to support early deployments, and facility upgrades at the Government’s Motor Vehicle Test Centre to support future heavy-duty zero-emission vehicle compliance testing and research,” notes Canada on its website.