Monday, July 15, 2024

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Ottawa Courthouse Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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Can government ignore its own laws to benefit select businesses? Ottawa court case asks

Are governments in Canada subject to the laws they write?

If so, what are the consequences (if any) when the very bodies that write the statutes willfully ignore them?

Two court cases are proceeding right now. Both are against municipal governments who wrote and ignored laws so cavalierly that they put consumers at risk, and cost thousands of small business people virtually everything they owned.

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Toronto City Hall Photo:
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Isn’t going from 5,500 Taxis to 86,000 VFH is the opposite of “Net Zero”?

Do Torontonians actually trust their Council to create a “Net Zero” program which reduces emissions without decimating the downtown core? The same Council that voted for “Net Zero” while increasing the number of licensed vehicles for hire by a factor of fifteen – from 5,500 to 86,000?

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