Monday, July 15, 2024

Author: Mike Murchison

Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks? Mike Murchison says you can. Photo: Moose.Bloodhound
On the Road with Mike MurchisonTrucking

Teaching an old dog new tricks

You hear the expression “transferable skills” here and there. In the work world it basically means something to the effect of taking whatever you learned in your previous job(s) and seeing what fits with the new endeavor.  An old dog

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Facebook Marketplace is the 2023 version of a car trunk full of stolen goods - now, when a consumer product "falls off of a truck," it probably lands at an online market. Photo: Facebook
On the Road with Mike MurchisonOpinion/ColumnTrucking

Stolen goods from stolen trailers

Ah yes! The underground “black market” of hot goods. Stolen stuff. It’s thriving and as hot as ever – at least, it was in Peel Region until July 19th. 

Operation “Big Rig” put a stop to what we now know was a ring involving 15 individuals. Possibly more. But 15 were charged. Its probably not the end; just an interruption in a trade that will kick back up down the road when things cool down.

Myself, I’ve spent many days and nights visiting, working, and slumbering within the borders of Peel County. Never had any problems unless you count the slow lines at the Tim Hortons.

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Mike Murchson knows about hard work. Photo: Mike Murchison
On the Road with Mike MurchisonTrucking

Work separates the doers from the watchers

Hard work! Hard physical work. Long hours behind the wheel. Long hot and freezing hours on my knees, unloading product that has solidified, jammed or just wont flow.

I’ve worked hard. Still am working. My brother worked long hard hours in the cold, the heat and wind.

We were built that way. You start a job. You finish it. Regardless the difficulty. Sometimes you swear. Throw things. Wonder if you’re plain stupid or just crazy for doing it because you got suckered into it.

Regardless. You’re there now. Got to see the job through until its finished.

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Photo: RWM
Laugh a LittleOn the Road with Mike MurchisonOpinion/ColumnTrucking

Cattlemen will remember their BSE moment forever

No one saw it coming. It came out of nowhere. Much like the attacks on 9/11. It was one of those surreal moments in your life. Everyone knows where they were on 9/11. But for the beef industry a more memorable day was May 20, 2003. That was the day the Canada/US border slammed shut with a shockwave that hit not only the aforementioned trading partners but 40 additional countries that trades with Canada.

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Photo: "Around the Bay" by Mike Murchison
On the Road with Mike MurchisonTrucking

This is God’s country

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’ve travelled from one end of this country to the other and talked to many people from many walks of life, countries, ethic, and cultural backgrounds.

Rich, poor, middle class and those on the fringe of whatever edge they’re on. And one thing I I’ve learned is this: this is God’s Country.

Jammin’ gears, serving fries, diggin’ ditches. Whether folks are inputting numbers, selling products, or studying in the halls of our institutes of learning.

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Photo: "Men at Work" Mike Murchison
On the Road with Mike MurchisonTrucking

No one wants to work anymore

Can’t find anybody to work. Or no one wants to work anymore. It’s a common thread. Not just where I live, but seemingly every place I travel.

I cover Alberta and the Northwest US states, and this discussion has crossed my table a lot. Employers can’t find anyone to work.

 I’m sure there are a variant of factors involved. The wage that’s being offered, the hours as well as the expectations. Tie that into the cost of living and you might just have a perfect storm brewing.

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