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OnRoute`s egg salad sandwich: it`s a really good lunch for under $7

OnRoute’s Egg Salad sandwich is a great deal for $6.79, although the filling could be more evenly spread, which is a small flaw overall. Photo: RWN

Given the surprising interest in the fresh egg salad sandwich in OnRoute’s new Freshii kiosks, I thought it was worth another stop to actually test it out.

I popped in on Tuesday afternoon to pick one up, assuming the middle of the day in the middle of the week would hopefully be a representative level of both supply and freshness. The cooler shelf was full.

At a cost of $6.79, it’s pretty reasonable. I haven’t seen change for a $10 bill at a lunch counter for a long time.

So besides the quick availability, the freshness and the price, what stood out about this Freshii’s #1 seller, the Egg Salad Sandwich?

It was actually really good.

First, the bread is dark and super-fresh. It’s a multi-grain bread, soft with lots of seeds and quite delicious. It is several steps above what I was expecting (I was expecting your plain, basic, no-name bland whole wheat; it was none of those things). So, 10/10 on the bread.

Next, the Egg Salad filling itself: it was very good! Obviously fresh. Just the right amount of mayo, but far more importantly, I would say EXACTLY the correct amount of salt. (Under-salted eggs and egg dishes, especially egg salad, are gross and unappetizing.)

Of course, in a more creative and less mass-market world, the sandwich maker might try adding some paprika or chopped dill pickle, but I can see where those might not be popular with the wider market. Plain as it was, the egg salad filling was perfectly fine.

And – surprise! – fresh greens! Nice, crunchy fresh greens between the egg salad and the bread. I was not expecting those, and they really added to the taste and the texture. 10/10 on the greens! Although, if you got a less-fresh sandwich, the greens might not seem like such a good idea, but on my 3pm Tuesday sandwich, they were great.

The bad news: the filling (which is good) is spread so unevenly on the bread (also good), that I finished all the filling in the first two bites and was left with the crusty corners of the bread, sadly bereft of filling.

I gather that for display purposes, the sandwich makers pile the filling at the centre of the sandwich so it looks MASSIVELY STUFFED when cut in half and wrapped for display in the kiosk; and it does look impressive on display in the kiosk.

Unfortunately, the empty corners make for a dry and disappointing finish to what would otherwise be a nearly perfect sandwich. While I doubt the sandwich makers are going to stop creating the optical-illusion, “massively stuffed” version of the sandwich for display, as the consumer, you might want to give it a little squeeze before you unwrap it to move some of the filling to the back of the sandwich.

Or not – you could just eat it as it. It’s good. Totally worth $6.79.

4.5 stars out of 5.